The Olive Tree Garden will delight you. It is a classic taverna with traditional cuisine, where wonderful Greek dishes of mountain greens and vegetables, meat and fresh fish, offer rich flavour. We serve a wide variety of pies, all with hand rolled pastry. They’ll introduce your taste buds to a new world of flavour. Sun-bathed fruit is in abundance: apricots, peaches, melons, grapes, fresh figs and delicious watermelons. Discover the joy of lush Greek fruit.


If you are early risers, make for the shady bar, in front of the sea. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the stillness and colours of the morning or the sunset and to relax to the sound of good music. The well-organized bar operates from 8:00 to 24:00. We serve the best Greek coffee, breakfast, sandwiches with freshly-baked bread, the traditional, vanilla, fondant ‘submarine’ sweet treat, almond biscuits, rice pudding and loukoumi. Don’t miss our delicious, fresh handmade pizzas. Enjoy a slice with a glass of chilled draught beer or wine or a refreshing summer cocktail served by our professional bartender. The lounge bar ambience will transform your evening into a great night out with good company.

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