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50 Years Celebration
Let’s celebrate with a wish!
Fireworks lightened up the sky, twinkling for a special anniversary. This year, we celebrate our 50th birthday along with all the friends of CAMPING HELLAS and we hail our next fifty years full of hope. This is how we have decided to face our days, having the need to live along with our friends, our partners and our children. To enhance the festivities, we offer our gifts exclusively to all of you who recognize and trust the high quality of service CAMPING HELLAS provides, placing it high on both your expectations and preference! We offer to all individual campers, couples or families a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in its authentic Greek taste. We renew our premium card, which we started granting in 2013, for you to offer your friends the chance to be acquainted with vacations in Greece along with you. We offer to everybody an extra stay free, in the total of 6 (for a whole week booking), as a gift.

20 October - 20 November
Olive picking and producing extra virgin olive oil
We are initiating a new activity with the participation of Camping Hellas’ big family: The next harvest season, in October 2016, and every other year, we invite everybody for a whole month (20 October – 20 November) to the olive picking and the procedure of producing our very own extra virgin olive oil. A unique experience-jamboree!

Lessons of Greek cuisine with fun
We are cooking our favorite, local recipes –pies with home-made phyllo, “spentzofai” (a sausage, pepper and tomato dish), “garides saganaki” (shrimps with tomatoes and feta cheese cooked in a skillet) -and we serve the table in a fête a la Grecque. Going back home, the taste of the Greek hospitality strikes your table, winning the happy smiles of your guests.

Tsipouro and Greek wine tasting
When taste slyly meets verse, exuberant moments are in store. We taste local variety wines and tsipouro from our own producer. Magic memories in a bottle...

Getting acquainted with the Greek herbs and organically produced local goods
Pelion, known as the mountain of the Centaurs, abounds in superior quality herbs. In ancient Greece, Centaur Chiron was acknowledged as herb connoisseur. Nowadays, we broaden our knowledge on their beneficial effects on our system, while, at the same time, we get acquainted with local goods organically produced, yet finding out how all these elements get combined in the Mediterranean diet.

Make your personal moment a reason for a big celebration to rejoice in the company of your guests:
  • Beach party with home-made pizzas, draft beer and soft drinks
  • Luncheon or dinner with delicious Greek specialties in the company of ouzo drinks
  • Cocktail party with good wine and inspiring summer cocktails

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